Association Inc Charter

ACT TPI Association Inc Charter

The ACT Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen’s and Women’s Association Incorporated (hereafter referred to as the ACT TPI Association) exists for the Well Being and Welfare of those members of the Ex-Service Community who have:

· been classified as Totally and Permanently Incapacitated by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs formal and rigorous assessment process and are consequently in receipt of the Special Rate (T&PI), and

· sought membership of the ACT TPI Association.

The Association seeks to encourage the Well Being of its members through the provision of social occasions at which members may meet in a spirit of camaraderie.

The Association seeks to promote the Welfare of its membership by:

  • directing members to the most appropriate agency which may solve their problems
  • facilitating addresses by appropriate agencies (both DVA and ACT Community) which exist, in part, to service the membership;
  • offering the latter information through TRUCE to reach the wider membership who, because of their disability/s, find it difficult to attend meetings and social occasions; and
  • acting as a conduit for welfare matters of widespread concern,
  • through the DVA VAN Office for a local solution;
  • to the appropriate ACT Department or representatives attending the Kindred Organization Committee (KOC), in the case of ACT matters;
  • through the DVA ACT Treatment Monitoring Committee to DVA; or
  • to the Australian Federation of TPI Ex Servicemen and Women Ltd Meetings for submission to the DVA or to the appropriate Federal Department or Agency.
  • fostering and maintaining relationships with other Ex-Service Organisations (ESO’s) to promote the resolution of issues of concern to our members.
The ACT TPI Association membership recognizes that:

  • all members are TPIs and that tolerance and understanding are needed towards each other (because of individual medical limitations);
  • the ACT TPI Association is a voluntary organization;
  • the ACT TPI Association is constrained by the Privacy Laws and must act within those constraints; and
  • an organized schedule of Hospital Visiting is beyond the capability of the Association, which encourages members who are able to participate in the Visiting schemes of other Ex Service organizations.

From the ACT TPI Association’s Charter there flows the ACT TPI Association’s Vision.

The ACT TPI Association envisions that:

  • the Association is a group of ex-Service men and women bound together by the common link of their classification as TPIs; united in compassionate comradeship and care for each other; and which seeks to promote the common good of the membership and to preserve the benefits and conditions of its membership in the best traditions of the Armed Forces in which members served the Nation in both Peace and in War;
  • the membership will be provided by the ACT TPI Association with social opportunities, which will allow all to meet in a spirit of happy camaraderie;
  • the membership of the ACT TPI Association will be informed of activities, beyond the Association’s purview, which may provide fulfilling personal opportunities to develop and enjoy as full a life as is possible, within a member’s medical limitations;
  • the ACT TPI Association membership’s welfare concerns will be passed to the appropriate authority by the most effective conduit to that authority; and
  • the ACT TPI Association membership will be assisted by the efforts of the Association, to enjoy a happy, contented and fulfilled life as possible, within the limits of their medical circumstances.

The ACT TPI Association reaches out through meetings, social occasions and the magazineTRUCE to keep members abreast of current entitlements and benefits. The ACT TPI Association also responds to members’ concerns and where appropriate, seeks to allay those concerns by direction of the individual to the appropriate agency, or by representation of general concerns to the appropriate authority. At the same time the ACT TPI Association provides social opportunities and seeks to maintain morale amongst the membership.


From the ACT TPI Association’s Mission Statement flow the Association’s Objectives, which are:

  • to promote a sense of well being and morale in the membership,
  • to foster camaraderie,
  • to direct individual concerns to the appropriate agency to solve the problem, and
  • to direct collective concerns to the correct committee, agency or conduit which may address or facilitate answers to such concerns?

The ACT TPI Association undertakes its social mission through the following activities:

  • quarterly luncheons,
  • concert parties, and
  • theatre parties.

The Association Magazine TRUCE is the means of reaching the complete membership, including those who are unable to attend social occasions.

The ACT TPI Association undertakes its welfare representation through the practice of a tiered system of representation:

  • direction of individuals with specific concerns to present their problem to the appropriate local agency (DVA, VAN Office or the appropriate ACT Government or Community Agency);
  • representation of general issues or unsatisfactory outcomes for individual problems to local committees (KOC and ACT TMC), as well as through appropriate Community Organizations e.g. COTA; and
  • representation of general issues or unsatisfactory outcomes at the National level to DVA and other Government Departments through the Australian Federation of TPI Ex Service men and Women Ltd Meetings.

The Association Magazine TRUCE is a very important method of conveying Welfare information to all members.