Service Providers

There are many services available for registered TPIs including but not limited to the Carer’s Payment/Allowance, travel & parking concessions, Service Pensions or Income Support… the list is extensive and worth checking out with your State/Territory Association.

It can be confusing trying to work out what you are eligible for. Many services and benefits are not always the same between State/Territory Associations, so it’s best to ask for assistance from your State/Territory TPI Association when trying to work out what benefits and services you are entitled to. Your State/Territory Association has trained and experienced volunteers who will answer all your questions.

Click here to find the contact details for your State/Territory TPI Association.

Services and benefits for TPIs are administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. DVA’s ‘Overview of DVA Benefits and Services’ will explain the many Benefits and Services available. Click HERE for more information especially on concession that are provided the States and Territories as defined by DVA.