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TPI Federation

Welcome to the official Website of the Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex Servicemen and Women Ltd. (Incorporated in the ACT) which is a Non-Political, Non-Sectarian Ex-Service Organisation.

Our website has been designed to provide information and communication for Ex Service Personnel who are eligible for, and granted, or in receipt, of the Totally & Permanently Incapacitated Compensation (TPI’s) or Special Rate (SR) payments referred to in Section 24 of the Veterans Entitlements Act (VEA) 1986 (as amended) or the Military Rehabilitation Compensation Act (MRCA) 2004 as determined by the Department for Veterans Affairs.


Date: 22-24 March 2023.

Where: Mecure on Limestone, Limestone Ave, Canberra, ACT.

Contact your State/Territory TPI Association to be an Observer at the Meeting.






Becoming A Member

Becoming a Member of your State/Territory TPI Association has many benefits for you and your family through generous concessions gained for you by either the TPI Federation or the State/Territory Associations.

Nationally this includes concessional travel via the Great Southern Railways as well as Fleet Discounts on new/used motor vehicles as well as a host of other National & Local Government concessions and benefits, which will be outlined, to you when joining your appropriate State/Territory Association.

The Australian TPI Federation also has representation on a number of Federal Government Committees that deal with matters relevant to Veteran issues and all determinations from these are forwarded to all State/Territory bodies for dissemination to all their TPI Members.

TPI Federation of Australia

Australian Federation of Totally & Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen & Women providing Information and assistance for all Special Rate and TPIs.
TPI Federation of Australia
TPI Federation of Australia
Thank you Ian Lindgren and the APPVA for their assistance in establishing a website for the ordering of tickets for the National 50th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War commemorations on the 18th August 2023 in Canberra.

To order your ticket for the commemoration please click on this link -
TPI Federation of Australia
TPI Federation of Australia
The TPI Federation fully supports the Australian Special Air Service Association (ASASA) and reaffirms that any attempt to cancel honours or awards issued to Australian Veterans of the Afghanistan war must not be permitted prior to any formal legal findings of wrongdoing that can be attributed to any specific individual.

“Should an Australian Court find an Australian Veteran guilty of a war crime, then at such a time an administrative review of honours and awards may be appropriate. Until then, procedural fairness and the presumption of innocence are fundamental human rights and especially in the democracy of Australia, and this applies most definitely to our soldiers who are humbly silent in their continued service in the face of unproven accusations.” APPVA Chairman, Ian Lindgren

The ASASA has sent this email at to all ESOs for dissemination to their Members. The CDF letter is at and the media release is at

Please show your support for the Special Forces Veterans and the ASASA by writing to your federal and local member and demand that they cease this injustice until such time that guilt or innocence has been determined.